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Why ventilate the attic?

It is good to over insulate the attic space and provide a thermostatic ventilation system. This will reduce monthly energy bills for heating and especially cooling seasons.

Why ventilate crawl space areas?

Some houses have inadequate air exchange and or ground seepage which cause high humidity levels that can result in mold. By keeping air movement and correct air exchange in a crawl area, we can keep levels down to 15% to 25% relative humidity. Controlled by a dehumidistat, thermostat and time, we are able to maintain low humidity levels and protect against freezing pipes and mold.

Why use a humidifier?

Our arid climate is normally 15% to 25% relative humidity. Such low humidity levels can aggravate allergies and dry out antiques and wood. It is important to maintain higher humidity setting in your home environment, ideally 40% to 45%. The systems we install will track outdoor temperature to automatically correct control settings at all time in any situation.

Why the use of air scrubbers?

An air scrubber will help eliminate indoor air quality risks (also known as sick building syndrome) by reducing odors, air pollutants, smoke mold, bacteria and viruses. We can reduce approximately 90% of airborne microorganisms in your home.

Evaporative cooling versus Air Conditioning?

While evaporative cooling brings moisture into the residence, which is great for our arid climate, it can only maintain a home temperature 16 to 18 degrees cooler than the air temperature outside. For example, if it is 100 degrees outside, the coolest it can be inside is 82 to 84 degrees. To achieve an indoor home temperature of 70 degrees 24/7, an A/C which removes humidity from the air, is required.

Why zoning of a house?

With zoning, we are able to treat different environments within your house accordingly, i.e. upstairs versus downstairs, basements and guest rooms that are sometimes not used. Most importantly, differences in loss and load situations based on orientation of the house can be controlled.


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